Surprise Engagement: Reddit, Lies, and a Happy Ending

In early November, a local redditor posted on r/Dallas asking for a photographer to help in his plan to propose to his girlfriend. I immediately was interested and thought it would be a fun project. 10 months prior, I did something similar with my own engagement, but shot it myself. 

His plan was for his girlfriend to stumble upon a post I would make, offering free photos to a couple to help build my portfolio. I took it one step further, and claimed I was a student photographer. My "class final" was to work with clients that I did not know, and work with them as though I was a professional. She responded that evening and was eager to take advantage of my deal. 


We met up the next week and I pretended not to know her boyfriend as we discussed specifics at a local coffee shop. I claimed, "This was all new to me", "please be forgiving, this is my first time", etc. She bought the whole thing. We set the date for 12/04/15, in Denton, and I'd spend 1 hour snapping some cute pics of them. She was very excited and said many times that they did not have any good photos together. Was she in for a surprise!

Behind the scenes, I planned everything with her soon to be fiancé. Everything from the final proposal location to the code word that would give him the green light to get down on one knee was discussed in secrecy. 

Come 12/04/15, I decided to not only photograph the whole occasion, but record it live on a GoPro mounted in my hot shoe. Surprisingly, they didn't ask any questions about it. 

During the shoot, she was extremely excited with how the photos were coming out and couldn't be in a happier mood. At the final location, a top a hill, overlooking a small pond of water, her got down on one knee and proposed. Of course, she said "YES!" and it all became clear. I wasn't a student photographer...I didn't need to build my portfolio...he fiancé and I have already met before and planned the whole thing. It was all a lie. She couldn't have been happier. 


I had a wonderful time being a part of such an awesome proposal. Going undercover and keeping up the ruse was a lot of fun and I'd do it again if I could. Congratulations to the happy couple and good luck in the future! 

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