Denton PhotoOp! - 12/10/15

On Denton Photo Op! I'll be listing upcoming events and shows in the Denton area that look like a good chance to get some shots. If you attend one of these events, tag your photos with #DentonPhotoOp and I might highlight it on the next installment!



Denton is home to two fairly large college and chances are you know someone who's currently going to school. You also might know someone who's graduating this weekend. Graduations are an awesome opportunity to put your skills to the test. You'll have to do your best to maximize your ISO, shutter and, aperture to make due in a dimly lit Colosseum. But remember, you only have one chance to get your loved one walking across that stage, so get prepared. Just in case that shot of them stumbling across the stage came out a bit blurry, there's always a huge crowd waiting outside for group portraits. Be ready for waves of family members saying, "Just one more please!"

New graduates and their families love photos of the occasion. If maybe you were too cheap (or just forgot) to get a little something for your friend, they'll be grateful you went out of your way to document the event (plus it's a great way to do some organic marketing). 

Tuesday Night Throwdown - 12/15/15

Just when you thought taking an endless amount of pictures of your coffee was frowned upon, this Tuesday, Big Mike's will encourage it. Tuesday Night Throwdown is a monthly event that pits local baristas around DFW head to head to see who can pour the best rosettas, tulips and hearts (and many more) into their lattes. All that practice you've had capturing the essence of "This delicious latte #blessed" will finally pay off. If you are into good coffee, it's culture, and a competition, this will be the event for you. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to judge a round yourself. Take a picture and let me know who you thought poured the best. 

Photos provided by @DentonCoffee from previous Tuesday Night Throwdowns:


Something on your radar you are excited to shoot next? Let me know! Hopefully, I'll see you at these events and be sure to #DentonPhotoOp on Instagram.