Hi! My name is Anthony Najera. I'm a photographer/videographer who lives in Denton, TX. I'm from San Antonio, TX and moved to Denton in 2008. I love living in Denton and it's unique culture and wonderful people. I graduated from The University of North Texas in 2012 and have worked in the creative media field since. 

I enjoy participating in local events and supporting other local artists. I created the music video project Denton Staged, and previously the director of Sofar Sounds: Dallas/Ft Worth.  I am available for contract freelance work and enjoy blending art and beautiful images with a lasting message. If you would like to discuss a project you'd like my assistance on, please call me anytime: 940-300-5830. I'd love to be a part of something great. 

All images copyright Anthony Najera unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.